Slayel Mozi Nsil Imam Solo exhibition by Abdullah Albarak

015 Gallery introduces a solo exhibition by Abdullah Ali Barak called Slayel Marzi, which was inspired by the march of Saudi Arabia's establishment.

It was an idea, that became a documentary of history through art, with the support of our leaders to be proud of our founding day.

Abdullah Al-Barrak is a Saudi artist from Madinah Al-Munawara, he came for a 4-month trip to study and research the architectural details in al Riyadh and its establishment history, sitting with Shikes and elders to hear stories about Riyadh and Al-Diriyah to be inspired to paint.

With all expertise owned by the artist, the curator, Sara bint Abdullah has added a direction to the exhibition to be part of a series of exhibitions to document the kingdom's biography from its establishment to its current day under the umbrella of King Salman and Prince Mohammed.

Slayel Mozi Nsil Al-Imam, an art exhibition announced receiving visitors from this Sunday the 20th and the exhibition will be extended until the end of March 2022.